Note on Kawasaki EX500 Performance

This section of the site is dedicated to those modifications for the Kawasaki Ninja 500 that are performance enhancing. For aesthetic mods for the motorcycle, see the mods section of the site.

Kawasaki EX500 Ninja Performance Modifications

  • Sprockets

    A Professor of mine once said, 'verbosity is an etrocity', so I will try to make this short. Replacing the stock sprockets on your EX 500 and keeping the chain in good repair is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to guarantee a fun-filled ride on the Ninja 500. There are several important factors to remember when picking out new sprocket sizes for your motorcycle:

    EX500 Front Sprocket
    * More teeth = higher top speed, less torque
    * Less teeth = lower top speed, more torque
    * Lower top speed means that you will have more "wheelie power", but the engine will have to rotate faster to get you to a given speed and this can be detrimental when taken to extremes.

    EX500 Rear Sprocket
    * More teeth = lower top speed, more torque
    * Less teeth = higher top speed, less torque
    * Notice the the rear sprocket works in exactly the opposite way of the front. This concept is kinda hard to explain, so if you want an in-depth explanation ask FOG on the EX500 mailing list and he will be glad to help you; he is one of the smartest guys I know.

    Important Notes
    * Check wheel alignment & chain tension regularly for long life.
    * Do NOT radically change your sprocket arrangement. Dropping the front sprocket lower than 14 teeth is not safe. Really, dropping the front sprocket below 15 teeth is probably not good as the chain will kink too much. Also, if you take the rear sprocket up too many teeth, your chain won't fit. :-)
    * Most people find that the optimal sprocket setup on the EX500 is 44 teeth rear and 15 teeth front.
    * On most bikes, dropping 1 tooth in front is the same as going up 2 in the rear.

  • Air box mod
    Steve Morley photos
    PQ's diagram
  • Air filter replacement
    Drop-in stock replacement
    K&N stock replacement
  • Carb tuning
  • Tire fitment