Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the EX500 information site at keycruncher.com. My name is Dennis Little and you may know me online from ex500riders.com by the moniker HackManX. I have been collecting Kawasaki EX-500 Ninja motorcycle related information online since I purchased my motorcycle in 2002 and this is my first attempt to organize some of my knowledge and the resources I constantly use into a useful reference for you.

Most of my knowledge about this bike has come about from the great guys and gals that belong to the Ninja EX 500 mailing list, a service graciously provided by the good folks at Micapeak.com; they host a number of motorcycle mailing lists there. Even if you don't own a Ninja EX, I encourage you to subscribe and "lurk" as the wealth of knowledge is amazing. You will get real-world experience from both the street and track and many of the folks on the list have been wrenching this bike since its inception; since it hasn't changed much mechanically since 1987, you will get applicable and easily replicable advice. They are all great myth busters and offer sound advice for both the experienced mechanic and the STM (shade tree mechanic) in all of us.

PLEASE NOTE: The ninja500.com domain name has been offline for some time now and the EX500 mailing list archives are offline. The owner of the domain is unreachable; if you know the owner, contact me!If you are interested in the archives of the mailing list, be sure to check out Ninja500.com for a fully searchable, threaded archive or the links page for other resources.