UPDATE: Receiving faxes with Callcentric, or not

This is an update to my April, 2009 post about using Callcentric to receive incoming faxes. Back in April, I recommended using Callcentric’s fax reception feature as a cost-effective way to receive incoming faxes. In the past few days, I have had several people report that they were unable to send me faxes; both senders […]

Working VoIP Softphone SIP Client on VMware Virtual Machine

A month or so back, a few members of Direct Brands‘ IT group presented to the Central PA VMUG (VMware User Group). The talk was focused on VMware’s View product and one item of special interest to me was how they got their SIP client software (soft phone) for Windows XP working on VMware View […]

Using CallCentric to receive faxes; cheaper than MyFax

UPDATED 2009/06/21 – Read my important update I used to be a MyFax customer and they provide a great service. I have rarely ever had problems with reliability of MyFax, but the $10 per month price was pretty high when I considered that I only receive and send a few pages a month; at that […]

How to get Embarq DSL without local phone service (aka dry loop or “naked” DSL)

I recently moved back to Pennsylvania and the house that I moved to has but one option for high-speed internet: DSL provided by Embarq. Unfortunately, Embarq is not as progressive as their competitors that offer DSL as a standalone service. If you are not savvy about so-called dry-loop DSL (or as Embarq calls it, “naked” […]

VoIP delivers best-value telephone service

Read my latest blog for the Central Penn Business Journal here: VoIP delivers best-value telephone service