Follow-up: Digium AA50 Reboot Issues — A Temporary Work-around

This is a follow-up my original blog post here: Digium Confirms Major Issues with AA50 VoIP Appliance: Spotaneous Reboots and Memory Card Write-Lock, A Review Since I originally posted, I seem to have found a band-aid fix that is getting our AA50 through the days without spontaneous reboots and dropped calls in the process. I […]

Digium Confirms Major Issues with AA50 VoIP Appliance: Spotaneous Reboots and Memory Card Write-Lock, A Review

Let me begin by saying that I am a big fan of Digium in general. All of their products that I have used thus far in several IP telephony / VoIP installations have worked tremendously well. Background: Doug and I recently integrated a Digium AA50 phone system appliance with Polycom IP telephones for a small […]

Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference – October 17, 2009

Attention all techies! If you are not yet registered for the 2009 Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference, today is the last day registration will be open! It was a great learning experience last year and promises to be the same this year as well. You can check out the schedule and register here:

Hulu Really IS More Valuable than Prime-time TV

Several weeks ago, I wrote about how much more effective Hulu is than conventional TV at getting me to watch commercials. PC World recently caught on too and wrote an interesting article on the subject this week. It turns out that advertisers are paying 1.5 – 3 times more (per thousand viewers) for ads shown […]

UPDATE: Receiving faxes with Callcentric, or not

This is an update to my April, 2009 post about using Callcentric to receive incoming faxes. Back in April, I recommended using Callcentric’s fax reception feature as a cost-effective way to receive incoming faxes. In the past few days, I have had several people report that they were unable to send me faxes; both senders […]

“Linux Certifications: Hot or not?” (Computerworld)

A friend of mine and I were interviewed about a week ago by Paul Krill from Computerworld and it looks like Google picked up the Norwegian version of the story first. What are your thoughts on Linux Certification? Read my thoughts and the Computerworld article here

How does Hulu do it? What Hulu taught me about advertising

A good deal of my TV viewing is done through Hulu. If you are not familiar with the service, Hulu is bascially a web-based television — allowing you to watch the latest episodes of a number of popular TV programs through your computer. To boot, they have quite an archive of old favorites too; I […]

Using CallCentric to receive faxes; cheaper than MyFax

UPDATED 2009/06/21 – Read my important update I used to be a MyFax customer and they provide a great service. I have rarely ever had problems with reliability of MyFax, but the $10 per month price was pretty high when I considered that I only receive and send a few pages a month; at that […]

What is union card check and why should you care?

Union card check, as presented in the dubiously named “Employee Free Choice Act”, is pretty scary stuff for both workers and entrepreneurs alike. The legislation would primarily do two things: Allow organized labor establishment at any business, regardless of size, with a simple majority. In other words, unionization could be forced on a small business […]

Best of FOSE 2009: My picks

Pat Wittle and I had the pleasure of attending FOSE 2009: day 2 yesterday at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington, D.C. We had the pleasure to take in some of the latest and greatest new technology available to government and the private sector. FOSE hosted several hundred exhibitors this year and […]