Working VoIP Softphone SIP Client on VMware Virtual Machine

A month or so back, a few members of Direct Brands‘ IT group presented to the Central PA VMUG (VMware User Group). The talk was focused on VMware’s View product and one item of special interest to me was how they got their SIP client software (soft phone) for Windows XP working on VMware View virtual machines.

Apparently, getting SIP softphone client software to work on a VM is not supported out of the box and some hacking of the registry is required to make the software functional.

Sarah Miller at Direct Brands was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the presentation and the registry hacks they used to get Nortel’s i2050 and Avaya’s IP Agent Release 6 working on their VMs. I have not tested this configuration myself, but Sarah reports that they have quite a few remote users with this setup working successfully. I believe that Direct Brands is using USB headsets with the VMware View Client in this scenario.

Thank you for the tip, Sarah!

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VMWare, Inc.\Client\RDP Settings\

    DWORD: AudioRedirectionMode = 1
    STRING:RedirectPlugandPlayDevices = True

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  1. I am trying to setup a 2050 software on a VM client and cannot get the mic to work. I am using a plantronics USB headset and can heard the other person but they cannot hear me.

    Are these settings done on the VM client or the host PC (or Wyse device)?

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Hi Terry,

    That setting would be made on the VM client. Sarah Miller was the contributor that introduced this workaround at a local VMUG event here in Pennsylvania and here is her follow-up announcement thread. You may be able to contact her via that community and I will reach out to her as well.

    Are you able to use the mic to record to Sound Record in the VM client?


  3. No, when I check the Siunds and Audio Devices Properties there is nothing in the Sound or Voice Recording. I will check out the link you proviced.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Terry,

    I would think that you should see the USB device in sound properties; I would investigate why you are not seeing it show up there.


  5. I’m having the same issues: cannot get any Plantronics headsets to work via View Desktops. What’s extra frustrating, is VMware’s not offering any support on View evaluations. Looks like they wont make lots of money off us then, because we’re wanting to virtualize an entire call center of hundreds and hundreds. I’ve posted several times in the forums without any replies. Whatever…

  6. I’m using VMWare View with an Avay SoftPhone VOIP Solution and a Plantronics Blackwire C210 USB Headset. The sound quality is not great and is cracking and breaking up like a cell phone is spotty coverage. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Is there any way to set VOIP QOS? any feedback would be appreciated.


  7. I had the same issue with stuttering audio. Sound Recorder would sound fine. When I launched Avaya softphone, then sound recorder would stutter.

    The Windows 7 VM on the backend needs to be changed from using the ES1371 sound card to the generic hdaudio soundcard.

    Power down the VM.
    Backup the .vmx file, change the sound.autodetect = “FALSE”
    and add sound.virtualDev = “hdaudio”

    When you start the VM under sound, the device should change to “High Definition Audio Device”

  8. Thank you for the tip, Rob!

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