Consistent, automated e-marketing with AWeber

As featured in the Central Penn Business Journal:

We all know that keeping in contact with customers and prospects, helping them to better understand your value, is essential to long-term growth and success. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day that you can use to carry out your marketing and justify your value to consumers. Let me introduce you to technology that will allow you to automatically deliver consistent and valuable information to target clientele.

AWeber Communications, based in Luzerne County, empowers entrepreneurs to deliver e-mail-based marketing messages on any schedule desired via automated follow-up (autoresponder) technology. The service facilitates delivery of consistent, timely and personalized e-mail messages that are already a part of your sales cycle and handles all of the messy details like subscription verification, unsubscribe requests, regulatory compliance and guaranteed e-mail deliverability.

As a customer, what I really like about AWeber is how the company charges for services. Your bill is based on the number of subscribers you enlist, with pricing starting at $19 monthly for as many as 500 subscribers. A subscription affords unlimited mailing lists and unlimited messages to those lists of subscribers.

Some other great features of the service include:

  • Personalization – Mail-merge functionality allows messages to be addressed specifically to subscribers and automated algorithms can pick out first or last name, as well as correct text that has been entered in all uppercase or all lowercase letters.
  • Point and click ease of use – Only basic knowledge is needed to use the service, but AWeber also offers fine-grain control for advanced users, if desired.
  • Statistics – Track message opens, link clicks, list growth rates and demographics (i.e.: ZIP code, area code, state of subscribers) automatically
  • Schedule as many deliveries as needed – For instance, a campaign can send message one on the first day, message two on day three and message three one week later, in any combination you desire
  • Split testing – Absolutely essential to improving acceptance, this capability allows you to test versions of a signup form to see which ones work best. AWeber’s split tests can be configured in any way (i.e.: show one form 70 percent of the time and another 30 percent) and multiple split tests can be utilized simultaneously.
  • Rich and plaintext e-mails supported – Send either HTML or plaintext e-mails.
  • Automatic verified opt-in and unsubscribe processing maintain legal compliance with anti-spam regulations.

What impresses me most about AWeber’s services though is the level of customer service they deliver. The morning after I subscribed to AWeber, I received a courtesy call from a company representative, offering to help with my setup and reminding me of the many ways I can get help if needed. A variety of support resources are available, including a Web-based knowledge repository, online video tutorials, live seminars and, of course, telephone and e-mail support.

If you are searching for a way to deliver your established message in a more timely and consistent manner, be sure to give AWeber your consideration.

Dennis Little is a technology adviser based in Richmond, Va. He counsels clients nationwide.

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