Copilot: Free On-Demand Remote Assistance Software

I have been using Fog Creek Copilot for a few months now and I am very impressed with the software. The small Copilot download works on Windows and MacOS X, allowing on-demand remote viewing and control of another computer once a special invite code is entered on the web site. Best of all, free Copilot day passes are now available on the weekends, which lets me help friends and family without any fee.

When compared with Bomgar, Copilot is lacking a few features (like automatic reconnect on reboot and hand-off to another helper) but works just as seamlessly and costs a whole lot less for ad-hoc usage. Copilot has the huge advantage in the day pass whereas a monthly subscription or purchase of an appliance is needed to use Bomgar; this makes Copilot much more attractive to those like me that sporadically need to use software like this. Both pieces of software work much better than Windows Remote Assistance and I find them to be an excellent alternative; neither Bomgar nor Copilot falter going through tight firewalls like Windows Remote Assistance for instance and both systems are far more responsive, insuring that you can start helping immediately instead of trying to work out the glitches in the assistance software. The next time you need to remotely assist someone with PC or Mac troubles use Copilot, give yourself the advantage of controlling the remote screen, and save a ton of time and aggravation.

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