In the Business of Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

Michele and I had a good laugh yesterday, the first day of the new year, when we realized that the local health club was… closed. I commend them for their unabashed policy of weeding out all the fakers right from the get-go. Besides, what better excuse can you have for breaking your resolution on the first day of the new year? In the realm of business strategy, closing on New Year’s Day might not be the best policy in an industry that makes a ton of money selling to overly optimistic patrons; you might want to hold up the ruse for at least the first day!

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  1. Yeah, I find that amusing as well. As someone who uses a gym regularly, I am not looking forward to the influx of Resolution’ers.

    However, hopefully some of the folks who do join become regulars and learn to love the feeling of being fit!

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